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Car Transport Services connects you to vehicle transport companies that have both the experience and the expertise to make your vehicle relocation easy.

You can request quotes online here and transport service providers will get in touch and present their best offers.

When you’ve decided on a transporter, simply book your transport job directly with your preferred transporter.

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Interstate Car Transport Quotes

Your Guide to Car Transport Costs in Australia

The cost of interstate vehicle transport depends on the type of vehicle and the services needed to move it.

As a guide, the cost for transporting within the same metropolitan area is around $120. For longer distances (such as to regional areas or interstate transport), the cost can come down to below 40 cents per kilometre.

Customer-focused, car transport services from the fastest growing carriers

Finding a car carrier company can be hard work. Finding transport companies that are friendly to deal with and help you to understand the differences between each quotation can be time consuming and a source of frustration.

CTS helps you do all of this with ease as we help you narrow down the list of potential vehicle transport business that’ll give you the best service and match your specific needs.

Browse the site, read the tips and if you find something that’s helpful to you, please share and let others know.

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