Finally, customer-focused car transport services to suit your budget and timeframes

Car Transport Services gives you an easy way to get vehicle transport quotes. It’s a place where you can receive and compare vehicle transport quotes from some of the country’s fastest growing, customer-focused auto transport companies.

Instead of searching the Internet for the right carrier, find them here – ready to negotiate and win your business.

We’re not a “middleman” or broker which means we don’t charge you a single cent.

Your bookings are directly with qualified and professional car transport companies and by answering a few short questions on our quote request form will put you directly in touch with carriers.

While we guarantee you will save money and time using our free quote service, we also want you to have as much information as possible to help you through the process.

Browse the site, read the tips, share information and let others know. It’s your contribution that will help create a better industry.

We’re an Australian-owned technology and web services company that’s been involved in the automotive logistics industry for many years managing the websites for some of Australia’s largest vehicle logistics companies.

In doing so, we’ve been able to get first-hand insights into what customers were saying; what they liked and what they absolutely hated about their experiences with transport vehicles.

Car Transport Services aims to give you an easy way to receive and compare interstate vehicle transport quotes from some of the country’s fastest growing, customer-focused auto transport companies.

Today, the team at Semantia is proud to be providing this site – dedicated to serving people like us, looking for great customer service wherever we do business.

We’re continuing to bring together an increasing number of carriers and vehicle transport companies who remain truly committed to giving you the best service available.

I wish they [insert car transport company of choice] would stop lying through their teeth and just be honest with me!


Semantia may benefit when you request a car transport quote with the car shipping companies that have registered with the site. When receiving a quote for car transport services, you should then review and make your own independent evaluation.