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Some car transport companies are great. Some, not so good. Others still are terrible. The problem is, for many people, you only really find out after the deal is done and you’ve left you car in the carriers “capable” hands.

Vehicle transport is big business but judging by the reviews you find online, you’d think it were full of crooks.

We’ve wanted to create a place where you can request, receive and compare vehicle transport quotes from some of the country’s fastest growing, customer-focused auto transport companies and do so with the confidence that your vehicle will be delivered in the same condition as when you shipped it.

Instead of searching the Internet for a competitive carrier, find them here – ready to negotiate and win your business.

Your bookings are directly through qualified and professional car transport companies and by answering a few short questions on our quote request form, we’ll put you directly in touch with the right carriers for the job.

While we guarantee you’ll get the best service, we also want you to have as much information as possible to help you through the process.

Browse the site, read more car transport tips and if you find something that’s helpful to you, please share and let others know.

We’re Melbourne-based technology company that’s been growing and managing the online businesses for some of Australia’s largest vehicle logistics companies.

We created to give you an easy way to receive and compare interstate vehicle transport quotes from some of the Australia’s fastest growing car transport companies.

Through our experience, we’ve been able able to get first-hand insights into what customers are looking for; what they like and what they absolutely hate about their experiences with transporting vehicles.

Fabulous service saving me a lot of time and stress

Jenny H.


Semantia may benefit when you request quotes with car shipping companies that have registered with the site. When receiving a quote, you should then review and make your own independent evaluation.