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If you are moving an everyday family car, SUV or a prestige luxury vehicle from Cairns to Hobart, Car Transport Services will find a solution that meets your needs.

You can request quotes here and they will be sent to carriers that meet your specific needs. You request is matched to the companies that are best able to provide vehicle transport from Cairns to Hobart.

All companies we work with have decades of experience and a modern specialised fleet of car transporters servicing Cairns to Hobart.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Transporting a Car from Cairns to Hobart

The price to transport a car from Cairns to Hobart ranges between $1,999 and $6,006 and depends on a number of factors. These factors include type of vehicle, mode of transport, the carrier you choose and external events like flooding. Some carriers can provide depot to depot pricing with costs as low as $1,999.

If you choose an enclosed carrier with door to door pickup in Cairns and delivery to Hobart, prices will likely be higher across the board. Lower prices can be obtained by choosing an open carrier and depot to depot (Cairns to Hobart) transport.

In general, transporting a car from Cairns to Hobart will likely take longer than 20 business days. This will depend on the type of transport required and the car transport company used.

Most carriers will prioritise all transport equally and always aim to provide you with the fastest possible transit times. Transport duration can vary depending on distances, how much you pay, specific transport legs, any special requirements you may have and whether there are any service disruptions in place.

The selection of open or enclosed carriers depends on the type of car you want to transport. If you have a luxury car, it is good to transport your car in an enclosed carrier as it will protect the car from dust, debris, weather conditions, and other external elements while transporting.

For ordinary new or used cars, an open carrier is the best choice. An open transport carrier costs less than an enclosed transport carrier. Enclosed carriers can be a good choice for high-value vehicles.

Many car transport companies will cover your vehicle for transit protection of between $60,000 and $80,000 per car transported. For more expensive vehicles, you’ll also have the option of increasing this protection by paying a small premium.

Terms and conditions will be specified in the quotes issued by the carrier companies.

No, there are no hidden charges.

Our partners have agreed that they will not increase the prices for receiving quotes through our service.

The short answer is: Yes but it generally depends on which carrier you end up choosing.

Some may charge an additional cost. However, you are generally allowed up to about 80 kilos as long as there’s nothing in the front seat or nothing directly behind the driver’s seat in that foot compartment (in case drivers need to move the seat back and forth).

We also recommend to load up the boot and the back seat. You can also push the passenger seat as far forward as it will go and load up behind there as long as you keep it under the window levels.

Once your booking is made, now it’s time to prepare your vehicle for transport. You need to do a few things for safe and convenient transport of your vehicle. We provide a range of transport services for all kinds of vehicles.

  • Ensure that your vehicle’s exterior should be clean, as it will help the truck driver inspect your vehicle easily for pre-existing damages and scratches;
  • Make sure there must be no loose parts inside and outside of your vehicle;
  • If you’re including personal belongings, make sure they’re securely stored;
  • There should be 1/4 tank of fuel;
  • Remove the antennas for cell phones, radios, etc.;
  • Remove spare tires and any kind of car covers; and
  • Turn off alarms as the driver is not responsible for drained batteries

View a more detailed guide to preparing your vehicle for transport.

View more Frequently Asked Questions About Car Transport

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Sam Hyde
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I very much recommend using Car Transportion Services to obtain quotes for transporting my daughter's car from Perth to Adelaide. I found the website on Saturday evening and by late Snday morning I had received 5 quotes for this service. I was able to advise my dughter of the cost and contact all the businesses to thank them for their quotes by Sunday afternoon.
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I filled out the thingy to get a quote and a fast response, and the amount of quotes that I got from all the different companies was amazing. Thank you for a brilliant service.
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Quotes came very quickly, with quite a few to choose from but I still found the cheapest rate with a manual search primarily because I could change constraints (pick up from dealer vs depot, drop off to residence or depot). So depot to depot is the cheapest but also the business I went with was not amongst the quotes. I will probably get better results with better initial input - if I'm freighting in the future, I will use this service again.

Transporting a car from Cairns to Hobart will likely take between 16 to 20 business days and cost between $1,999 and $4,620.

Prices & transit days are extimates only and may reflect limited availability offers by some carriers. Price ranges are for open carrier transport of a standard sedan transport. Enclosed transport is in limited supply and will cost more. You can also find out how much it will cost to transport a car from Hobart to Cairns.