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Local and Interstate Car Transport Companies in Hobart and Tasmania

If you’re looking for information about car transport companies in Hobart and Tasmania, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Car Transport Services.

We’re a trusted provider of knowledge and industry insights about transporting cars, 4WDs, caravans and other vehicles across Australia and we establish relationships with carriers nationally to help you get the best rates.

Our carriers represent trusted choices for individuals and businesses relocating their vehicles with several years of consistent quality service.

So whether you want car transport from Tasmania to any northern coastal cities, western coastal or eastern seaboard destinations, we guarantee you a seamless service experience.

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When it comes to vehicle transport, relocation and temporary storage, there are many car transport providers capable of delivering a full range of services to manufacturers, distributors, importers, government agencies and private customers across Tasmania.

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How Much Does Interstate Car Transport in Tasmania Cost?

At Car Transport Services, we keep tabs on the market to understand what various companies are charging for delivering cars to Hobart and Launceston or moving cars from Launceston or Hobart.

The Best Vehicle Transport Companies in Hobart and Tasmania

Whether your vehicle transport need is across the city, throughout Tasmania or nationwide, we build relationships with some of the most cost-effective and reliable carriers in the state.

Abels Bay 7112 Acton Park 7170 Adventure Bay 7150 Allens Rivulet 7150 Alonnah 7150 Andover 7120 Antill Ponds 7120 Apslawn 7190 Apsley 7030 Austins Ferry 7011 Baden 7120 Bagdad 7030 Barnes Bay 7150 Barretta 7054 Battery Point 7004 Bellerive 7018 Berriedale 7011 Birchs Bay 7162 Black Hills 7140 Blackmans Bay 7052 Bonnet Hill 7053 Bothwell 7030 Boyer 7140 Bradys Lake 7140 Bream Creek 7175 Bridgewater 7030 Brighton 7030 Broadmarsh 7030 Bronte Park 7140 Buckland 7190 Bushy Park 7140 Butlers Gorge 7140 Cairns Bay 7116 Cambridge 7170 Campania 7026 Carlton 7173 Casey 7151 Castle Forbes Bay 7116 Catamaran 7109 Chigwell 7011 Claremont 7011 Clarendon Vale 7019 Clifton Beach 7020 Colebrook 7027 Collinsvale 7012 Coningham 7054 Connellys Marsh 7173 Copping 7174 Crabtree 7109 Cradoc 7109 Cranbrook 7190 Cremorne 7024 Cygnet 7112 Davis 7151 Dee 7140 Deep Bay 7112 Dennes Point 7150 Derwent Bridge 7140 Derwent Park 7009 Dodges Ferry 7173 Dover 7117 Dowsing Point 7010 Dromedary 7030 Dulcot 7025 Dunalley 7177 Dynnyrne 7005 Dysart 7030 Eaglehawk Neck 7179 Eggs And Bacon Bay 7112 Elderslie 7030 Electrona 7054 Ellendale 7140 Elwick 7010 Fentonbury 7140 Fern Tree 7054 Fitzgerald 7140 Flowerpot 7163 Forcett 7173 Franklin 7113 Gagebrook 7030 Garden Island Creek 7112 Gardners Bay 7112 Geeveston 7116 Geilston Bay 7015 Glaziers Bay 7109 Glebe 7000 Glen Huon 7109 Glendevie 7109 Glenfern 7140 Glenlusk 7012 Glenora 7140 Glenorchy 7010 Goodwood 7010 Gordon 7150 Granton 7030 Grasstree Hill 7017 Great Bay 7150 Gretna 7140 Grove 7109 Hamilton 7140 Hastings 7109 Hayes 7140 Highcroft 7183 Hobart 7000 Hobart 7001 Hollow Tree 7140 Honeywood 7017 Howden 7054 Howrah 7018 Huntingfield 7055 Huonville 7109 Interlaken 7030 Jericho 7030 Judbury 7109 Kaoota 7150 Karanja 7140 Kellevie 7176 Kempton 7030 Kettering 7155 Killora 7150 Kingston 7051 Kingston 7050 Kingston Beach 7050 Koonya 7187 Lachlan 7140 Lake St Clair 7140 Lauderdale 7021 Lemont 7120 Lenah Valley 7008 Leslie Vale 7054 Levendale 7120 Lewisham 7173 Lindisfarne 7015 Little Swanport 7190 Longley 7150 Lonnavale 7109 Lower Longley 7109 Lower Marshes 7030 Lucaston 7109 Lunawanna 7150 Lune River 7109 Lutana 7009 Lymington 7109 Macquarie 7151 Macquarie Island 7151 Macquarie Plains 7140 Magra 7140 Malbina 7140 Mangalore 7030 Margate 7054 Maria Island 7190 Marion Bay 7175 Mawson 7151 Maydena 7140 Melton Mowbray 7030 Middleton 7163 Midway Point 7171 Miena 7030 Molesworth 7140 Montagu Bay 7018 Montrose 7010 Moogara 7140 Moonah 7009 Mornington 7018 Mount Field 7140 Mount Lloyd 7140 Mount Nelson 7007 Mount Rumney 7170 Mount Seymour 7120 Mount Stuart 7000 Mountain River 7109 Murdunna 7178 National Park 7140 Neika 7054 New Norfolk 7140 New Town 7008 Nicholls Rivulet 7112 North Hobart 7002 North Hobart 7000 Nubeena 7184 Nugent 7172 Oatlands 7120 Old Beach 7017 Opossum Bay 7023 Orford 7190 Orielton 7172 Osterley 7140 Otago 7017 Ouse 7140 Oyster Cove 7150 Parattah 7120 Pawleena 7172 Pawtella 7120 Pelham 7030 Pelverata 7150 Penna 7171 Petcheys Bay 7109 Plenty 7140 Police Point 7116 Pontville 7030 Port Arthur 7182 Port Huon 7116 Premaydena 7185 Primrose Sands 7173 Raminea 7109 Randalls Bay 7112 Ranelagh 7109 Rhyndaston 7120 Richmond 7025 Ridgeway 7054 Risdon Vale 7016 Roches Beach 7170 Rokeby 7019 Rose Bay 7015 Rosegarland 7140 Rosetta 7010 Rosny 7018 Rosny Park 7018 Runnymede 7190 Saltwater River 7186 Sandfly 7150 Sandford 7020 Sandy Bay 7005 Sandy Bay 7006 Seven Mile Beach 7170 Shannon 7030 Simpsons Bay 7150 Snug 7054 Sorell 7172 Sorell Creek 7140 South Arm 7022 South Hobart 7004 Southport 7109 Spring Beach 7190 Steppes 7030 Stonehenge 7120 Stonor 7119 Stormlea 7184 Strahan 7468 Strathblane 7109 Strathgordon 7139 Strickland 7140 Surges Bay 7116 Swansea 7190 Taranna 7180 Taroona 7053 Tarraleah 7140 Tea Tree 7017 Tiberias 7120 Tinderbox 7054 Tolmans Hill 7007 Tranmere 7018 Triabunna 7190 Tunbridge 7120 Tunnack 7120 Tyenna 7140 University Of Tasmania 7005 Upper Woodstock 7150 Uxbridge 7140 Verona Sands 7112 Victoria Valley 7140 Waddamana 7030 Warrane 7018 Waterloo 7109 Wattle Grove 7109 Wattle Hill 7172 Wayatinah 7140 West Hobart 7000 Westerway 7140 Whitefoord 7120 Woodbridge 7162 Woodbury 7120 Woodsdale 7120 Woodstock 7109 York Plains 7120

Latest Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers

January 25, 2024.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very good response from a good number of possible providers, at least six.
Alanna Utting
Alanna Utting
January 22, 2024.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Received several quotes with plenty of options for drop off and pick up destinations. All received within 24hrs, great service.
Julian Jong
Julian Jong
January 22, 2024.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Easy, not too demanding and fast response
Mia Pearce
Mia Pearce
January 19, 2024.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Was in the early stages of planning a temporary move from WA to NSW. Instead of requesting quotes for different logistic companies, Car Transportation Services allowed me to send one email and receive numerous quotes in one go. Great service and time saver. Thank you CTS!
Ian Clark
Ian Clark
November 30, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very fast turnaround. I received 4 quotes within a couple of hours. Saved a lot of chasing around
October 12, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Very easy to get multiple quotes.
mark dolan
mark dolan
October 9, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
they were very good to deal with the information given to me as in cost etc was better than any other company i looked at.
High Tower
High Tower
September 27, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Gave details of what I needed and had quotes rolling in quickly
Carol Peterson
Carol Peterson
September 27, 2023.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I received 4 good quotes within hours. I am very happy with this service.

Need to Move a Car Interstate?

From budget-friendly, open carrier choices to express delivery and enclosed transport options, there’s a solution to match your needs.
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Customer Success Story

Why Car Transport Services Exists Today!

When I had to move my car from Melbourne to Perth, the journey of finding the right transportation service felt almost as daunting as the 3,400 km drive itself. Through trial and error, a bit of luck, and a few missteps, I learned a great deal about how to select the best service for such a task. Here’s my experience, and I hope it can guide you smoothly through your own process.

Start with Research

The first thing I learned was the importance of research. Initially, I made the rookie mistake of choosing the first service that popped up in my Google search results. Big mistake. The company had hidden fees I hadn’t anticipated, and the service was far from satisfactory. What I learned was to dig deeper. Read reviews on multiple platforms, ask for recommendations from friends or family who’ve undertaken similar moves, and don’t skip on checking the forums where real customers discuss their experiences.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

One good decision I made was ensuring the company was licensed and insured. Insurance is important. Transporting a vehicle across such a long distance has its risks, and you want to ensure that your car is covered in case of any mishaps. Verify the transporter's accreditation with transport authorities and ensure they have valid insurance that covers your vehicle during the transit. This gave me peace of mind, knowing my car was in safe hands.

Compare Quotes

Getting multiple quotes was another area where I initially faltered. I assumed all prices would be roughly the same and didn’t bother shopping around. However, after a pricey quote from the first company, I decided to get several more. The price differences were significant, and some companies offered more comprehensive services at lower costs. Always compare quotes from at least three to five companies. This not only gives you a better idea of the price range but also allows you to negotiate better terms.

Understand the Service Types

I wasn’t aware initially, but there are different types of car transport services: door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, open carrier, and enclosed carrier. Each has its pros and cons. I chose an open carrier for its cost-effectiveness, but in retrospect, considering the long journey across Australia, an enclosed carrier would have been better to protect my car from the elements. Understanding these options beforehand helps in making a more informed decision based on your needs and budget.

Communication is Key

One of the best decisions I made was selecting a company that had excellent communication practices. They provided updates at every major juncture of the journey, which eased my anxiety. Ensure that the company you choose has a point of contact who is reachable and willing to update you throughout the process. This is vital for peace of mind and to ensure that any issues are quickly addressed.

Timing and Flexibility

I learned the hard way that flexibility is key when transporting a car such a long distance. The initial service I chose promised a delivery within a week, but it ended up taking more than two weeks, which disrupted my plans significantly. Ask about the expected delivery times and check if the company can offer guarantees or compensation if they exceed the estimated delivery times.

Avoid Rush Decisions

A bad decision I made was rushing into booking without fully understanding the terms and conditions. This led to unexpected charges for additional services I wasn’t aware I had agreed to. Take your time to read the fine print or have someone else review it. Make sure you understand every aspect of the service contract.

What I Wish I Knew

If I knew then what I know now, I would have placed more emphasis on checking customer feedback about their post-service experience, especially regarding how companies handle damage claims and disputes. Knowing a company's track record in these areas can save you from potential headaches if something goes wrong.

Open vs Enclosed Car Transport

Open car carrier with new vehicles

Open Car Transport

Open car transport involves shipping vehicles in an open-air trailer, exposing them to weather and road conditions.

This method is cost-effective and widely available, making it a popular choice for transporting vehicles quickly and economically.

The main benefits include lower costs due to multiple vehicles being transported simultaneously and quicker delivery times. However, the downside is the potential risk of damage from environmental elements and road debris.

moving cars in an enclosed car carrier

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport uses fully enclosed trailers to provide maximum protection for vehicles against weather, theft, and damage during transit.

This method is preferable for high-value, classic, or luxury vehicles requiring extra security. Enclosed transport is more expensive and less readily available but offers higher insurance coverage and peace of mind.

Specialised services include GPS tracking and expert handling, ensuring vehicles are delivered safely and discretely.

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