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Freight forwarding specialists in marine and automotive shipping

Dazmac provides a one-stop solution for importing cars, caravans, boats, yachts, trailers, and motorbikes into and around Australia

When people think of transporting vehicles around Australia, they usually think of doing it by road or rail. 

While this might be okay for those shorter distances between Sydney and Melbourne, or even inland, there is a cheaper, safer and easier version: coastal shipping.

DAZMAC are one of only a handful of shipping companies in Australia that offer safe, secure and extremely competitive coastal shipping services of vehicles between capital cities. 

It means that, instead of risking the safety and condition of your vehicle with road transport through the harsh Australian outback you can move your vehicle around the coast in an enclosed car carrying ship. 

DAZMAC International Logistics handle vehicle transport safely so you’ll experience the following great benefits:

  • Clear costs with nothing hidden
  • The most competitive import and export rates on international shipping
  • Door to door shipping
  • Reliable and completely responsive follow up services

The Dazmac shipping process utilises the ‘Roll on Roll off’ (RoRo) shipping method, which means your vehicle will travel safely, fully enclosed from port to port.

Unlike many road and rail transport options, this avoids things like insect debris, road grime, stone chips, red dust, and more. 

The clean transport of your vehicle in containers also means less wear and tear from the vibrations of traditional road transport over long road trips.

That’s not to say DAZMAC will only offer coastal shipping. They have a fleet of car carriers, Tilt Trays and car trailers which handle interstate transport as well.

Whether your vehicle is for road, race or rally, DAZMAC provides the experience and expertise to handle your logistics requirements.

DAZMAC’s services are available to both private and commercial customers locally as well as worldwide through their extensive network of agents who also specialise in everything automotive.

DAZMAC is also a fully accredited Customs & Quarantine Brokerage with a worldwide network of agents who can arrange general commercial cargo, boats, yachts, cars, trailers, mining and earth moving equipment.

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