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Specialising in the worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo.

NMT Shipping specialises in the worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo.

Operating throughout the world’s most important trade lanes, NMT moves cargo worldwide on modern and technically advanced deep-sea and short-sea RoRo vessels.

With the large fleet of flexible vessels used, NMT is able to transport all types of vehicles, including oversized static pieces worldwide.

Many options are available for moving a car; from the cheapest, the fastest and the most convenient.

Founded in 1999, the NMT group is an independent, highly specialised and leading global Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) shipping company and logistics provider.

In Australia, NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd. has been operating in Brisbane, Freemantle and Melbourne since 2011.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest, the fastest or the most convenient, NMT can customise a shipping solution to your interstate vehicle transport needs and this is great for you.

If it Rolls, NMT will Ship it

It’s that easy. Really! NMT ships your cargo using RoRo carriers. Cargo is loaded and unloaded using the ramp on the side or rear of the vessel.

Think of a RoRo vessel as a floating, giant (200 meters long!) multi level parking lot.

NMT has a clear ambition for the company to continue to grow as a global player.

This means that no matter where your business, you’ll always experience high-levels of consistent customer care, reliability and transport innovative solutions.

It also means that, with the bow ramps open, you can now ship a vehicle from and to virtually anywhere in the world.

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Globally, the NMT network comprises 30 offices that are strategically located throughout the world. And, with a network of own offices and agents expanding over 50 countries, NMT is able to act and operate on a global scale to bring shipping solutions that suit the global shipping needs of clients from every corner of the world.

Want to ship your car, truck or earth moving equipment? No problem, NMT will handle the job!

The business of NMT is a unique one in that they act as both ‘global carrier to shippers’ and ‘global shipper to carriers’ through a long-term commitment to partnerships with a number of the global RoRo carriers.

NMT is a truly independent and global RoRo service provider, offering maximum value for money and one-stop shopping for suppliers and customers alike.

Local and highly experienced staff help create truly innovative transport solutions with many options.