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Australia’s Premier Automotive Logistics Company

The Company that Ranks Top in Almost every Aspect of Vehicle Transportation

PrixCar Services is regarded as one of Australia’s most trusted companies in vehicle logistics specialists with over 30 years of experience.

As an automotive logistics company they specialise in vehicle transport, vehicle processing and storage, fleet conversions and dealer storage.

With a proud history of supporting Australia’s automotive industry, PrixCar strives to deliver superior results with every service.

Recently, thought not exclusive to PrixCar, we have become aware of a growing number of negative reviews about the company.

Read John G.‘s review of Prixcar Services on Yelp

Whilst we can’t say for sure if this is a sign of market or company stresses, it is because of the increase in negative reviews that PrixCar missed out on inclusion in our list of best Australian car transport companies for 2022.

PrixCar: the reliable Carrier

When it comes to car transportation, PrixCar is a premium brand.

It’s primary focus is on supporting its major customers (the automotive brands, relocation companies and the dealer networks) that need moving thousands of car per week and it is because of this that PrixCar has been synonymous with reliability.

PrixCar’s reliability comes from the repeatability of processes systems that are needed to support the automotive brands and PrixCar operates with a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 accreditation.

This means PrixCar operates like a “machine”; streamlining its operations to provide an uncompromising response to the demands of its major customers. (Sometimes, this is at the expense of the general consumer market.)

For PrixCar, 2020 and 2021 appear to have remained challenging and declining review ratings may suggest an indication of this company’s performance in 2022.

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