Stage 4 Restrictions: Impact on Victorian Vehicle Transport

From 6pm on 2 August 2020, restrictions changed for metropolitan Melbourne with a move to Stage 4 Restrictions.

These changes were introduced to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) by reducing the number of people leaving their homes and moving around Victoria.  

During Stage 4 Restrictions in many vehicle transport operators remain operational and continue providing vehicle transport services, including all of Victoria and Melbourne; albeit with one major limitation.

Under Stage 4 Restrictions, Victorian Depots are to be closed for vehicle drop-offs and collections and will remain closed until restrictions are lifted. 

This means that during these restrictions you many car transport operator may continue to allow you to book the depot service option, however, you will not be able to collect or drop off your vehicle until the government restrictions are lifted (currently on September 13).  

It’s important that if you have an existing booking, contact your provider to make alternative arrangements. 

Coronavirus Impact on Freight Throughout Australia

Whilst, border closures and restrictions on movement remain in place for the rest of Australia, freight, and therefore vehicle transport services, are considered essential services and will carry on despite border closures.