Biggest First Time Mistakes in Vehicle Transport

If this is the first time you’re looking to have a car transported interstate then this article is for you because it will help you avoid many of the biggest first time mistakes made in vehicle transport.

We recently spoke to Patrick Kashani, a veteran of the industry and the National Commercial Manager at Carways, and asked:

What are the biggest first time mistakes people make when preparing to have a vehicle transported?

Because, while there are many shipping companies that promise to transport your vehicle safely and on time, it’s important to note that not all of them provide the same quality of service.

Taking the right steps to research auto transport companies can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Furthermore, you want to take the right steps to make sure your vehicle is properly prepared for shipment.

Not Doing Your Research

There are hundreds of auto transportation companies advertising online so it’s important to do adequate research to make sure the one you choose is reliable.

There are regulations in place that require logistics companies to register with their respective Departments of Transport.

And, with the advent of the Internet, many review sites now exist that provide real consumer reviews of car transport companies which makes doing research so much easier than it used to be.

Choosing the Cheapest Price Option

There is nothing wrong with comparing prices to find the best deal. In fact, we recommend it.

But never go with the cheapest company just because it offers a price that is drastically lower than the competition.

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

Some companies have a reputation for luring customers with lower prices but fail to mention all of the additional fees and charges that will be added to your final charge. Be cautious of these companies.

Lower prices don’t always mean better deals and sometimes it’s also possible that your offer could be a scam.

Reputable auto shipping companies are typically comparable in price. 

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Check on Insurances or Warranties

Your car is one of your most valuable assets so you want to ensure it is properly cared for during transport.

Ask about insurance or warranty coverage and the process for if something were to go wrong and your car were damaged. More than 99% of vehicles are delivered without even a scratch but it’s good to know if yours were one of the unfortunate 1%.  

Poor Vehicle Preparation Prior to Transport

There are several things most companies recommend you do to do prior to shipping your vehicle to be sure it is ready for transport.

Firstly, clean your vehicle inside and out and take pictures of its condition prior to shipment. That way, you can compare your vehicle’s condition after transport and provide documentation of any dents or scratches.

You also want to make sure your fuel tank is only a quarter full, your tires are well inflated, and your vehicle is running properly before transport. 

Leaving Belongings in Your Vehicle

Some people might think it’s okay to pack their vehicle with personal belongings for shipment, especially if they are moving or relocating.

However, most transport companies advise against this or at least, are able to provide instructions for what can and cannot be transported along with your vehicle.

There’s a reason why belongings in the vehicle are a hazard.

Firstly, it could cause your vehicle to exceed its weight limit and this could put the driver, and other road users, in danger during transport.

Secondly, the items in your vehicle could be subject to theft or damage during shipment and it may not be the car transport company that’s at fault. When your car is on an open carrier, your belongings could be in full view of everyone.

Companies that permit personal belongings in the car, will also have very tight legal clauses to minimise responsibility in case of theft or damage. So, be sure to fully understand how they may affect you.

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Patrick Kashani

About Patrick Kashani

Patrick Kashani is the National Commercial Manager at Carways Pty. Ltd. and a vehicle logistics industry leader. With more than two decades of experience in logistics, supply chain and automotive transport industries, he has seen the best (and the worst) of what the industry offers its customers.