How We Choose and Evaluate our Car Carriers

Choosing the right service provider when looking to move a vehicle can be a major source of frustration.

How do you evaluate carriers?

How can you be sure that you’re choosing a reliable transport company when there are so many bad reviews on the web?

As easy as the transport of your vehicle has become over recent years, it is still the stuff of nightmares if you blindly hand over your car to an unprofessional carrier.

The Car Transport Services Advantage

This is why starting your search through Car Transport Services has clear advantages.

By the nature of their job, most brokers have already completed the research for you and, over time, have filtered the carriers worthy of trust.

Assembling the most professional, problem-free and affordable carriers for a job, the broker has already completed the process of discovery.

They have often established many relationships over a long period, and retained the ones that stood the test. After all, it’s their reputation on the line as much as the carriers’.

How We Evaluate Our Carriers

Here at Car Transport Services, we use 3 main criteria to evaluate our service providers:

1. Good Communication

We only work with carriers that have exceptional customer service and an organised professional relationship with shippers. We need them to be available at all times and to respond in a timely manner to your questions related to the status of each transport.

If there are too many unanswered phone calls or we receive complaints from customers like you, we will remove a carrier from our “preferred” list.

2. Ability to Pick up and Deliver on Time

We are optimists by nature, but we prefer to sprinkle that with a hint of realism. We do not promise miracles, and we do not believe those who are doing it.

Better than promises, we prefer actions.

Service providers that are able to set the right expectations and meet them will always be in our good books.

We politely decline carriers that repeatedly failed to accurately set expectations or have built a reputation by failing to pick-up or deliver when they said they would.

3. No Vehicle Damage Incidents

Our carriers are known by their clean car transport history and willingness to fix problems in the unlikely event that something does happen.

The quality of their services makes not only your life easier, but ours as well.

Over time, we’ve discovered who to choose and who to avoid.

We’re finding, now operating for over 18 months, there is less and less of a need for us to update our “preferred carriers” or “wrongdoers” list, since we have already established solid relationships with competent carriers.

And while we’re constantly looking for new carriers, we also continually re-evaluate our current carriers’ performance because we want to be sure they’re providing the best service to you.

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