Common Problems with Car Transport for Consumers

Car transport services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people look for ways to safely and efficiently transport their vehicles across long distances. However, despite the many benefits of car shipping, there are also a number of challenges that consumers may face when using these services.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the biggest problems with car transport services and explore potential solutions.

One of the Biggest Problems with Car Transport by Far – Cost!

A surprising, high cost is likely to be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when using car shipping services.

Car transport costs can be high for a variety of reasons. Some of the main factors that contribute to the cost of car transport include:


The further you need your car transported, the more it will cost. Long-distance transport will require more fuel and more time, which drives up the cost.

Mode of Transport

There are different ways to transport a car, such as open or enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is more expensive as it offers more protection to the vehicle during transport.

Time of Year

The demand for car transport can vary depending on the time of year. During peak times, such as during a move or before a car show, prices may be higher due to increased demand.

Insurance and Liability

Car transport companies need insurance too and the cost of insurance is passed onto you, the customer. As well as, Car transport companies typically offer liability coverage in case of damages to the vehicle during transport.

Equipment and Labor

The cost of maintaining and operating the equipment used for transport, as well as the wages of the drivers and other staff, also contribute to the overall cost of the service.

Fuel Costs

The cost of fuel is a significant component of the cost of car transport. The cost of fuel can fluctuate widely over time, which can have a significant impact on the cost of transport.

It’s important to note that car transport companies must comply with state and federal regulations, which also add to the cost. These regulations include compliance with safety standards and requirements for drivers, as well as insurance and liability coverage. All these factors together contribute to the final cost of car transport.

Additionally, many car transport companies charge additional fees for services such as door-to-door delivery or enclosed transport, which can further increase the cost of the shipment.

Why is Car Transport so Often Delayed?

Another common problem consumers face with car shipping is delays and there can be several reasons for those delays.


Inclement weather can cause delays in car shipping. Storms, floods, snow, and other extreme conditions can make it difficult or impossible to transport a car.

Road Conditions

Poor road conditions, such as heavy traffic or road closures, can cause delays in car shipping. This can be especially true in rural areas or during peak travel times.

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues with the transport vehicle can cause delays in car shipping. This can include breakdowns, maintenance issues, or unexpected repairs.

Staffing Issues

Car shipping companies may experience staffing issues, such as driver shortages or other personnel issues, which can cause delays in the shipping process.


Delays can occur due to logistics issues such as, lack of capacity on a ship, lack of equipment or carrier availability, or even a shortage of drivers.

Human Error

Delays can occur due to human error such as, miscommunication between the carrier and the customer, mistakes in scheduling, or inaccurate information provided.

There are a number of factors that can cause delays when shipping a car, such as poor weather, mechanical issues with the transport vehicles, or traffic congestion. Many of these factors are outside of the control of the car transport company and they will do their best to minimise delays but sometimes they are inevitable.

Delays however can be frustrating and can make it difficult to plan for the arrival of your vehicle. You may also experience unexpected delays due to factors outside of the shipping company’s control, such as road closures or accidents.

Damaged Vehicles During Transport

Damage is another major concern when using car shipping services. Cars can be expensive assets, and you can be justifiably worried about the potential for damage to your vehicle during transport. This can include scratches, dents, or more serious damage.

You might also be concerned about the potential for vandalism or theft while the car is in transit or in the care of the car transport company. This can lead to several significant issues including:

Financial Loss

Damage to a vehicle can result in significant financial loss for the owner. The cost of repairs can be substantial, and in some cases, the vehicle may be deemed a total loss. This can be especially difficult for consumers who are already dealing with the high costs associated with car shipping.

Safety Concerns

Damage to a vehicle can also raise safety concerns. If a vehicle is not properly repaired, it may not be safe to drive. This can put the driver, passengers, and other drivers on the road at risk.


Existing damage to the vehicle can cause delays in the shipping process. Your vehicle will generally need to be running and with working brakes. If it isn’t then chances are, the carrier won’t pick it up.

Loss of Value

Damage to a vehicle can also result in a loss of value. If your vehicle has been damaged, it may not be worth as much. This can be a significant concern if you’re looking to sell or trade in the vehicle.

Loss of Trust

Damage to a vehicle can also lead to loss of trust between the customer and the shipping company. Consumers may be less likely to use the company’s services again in the future if they are not satisfied with how their claim was handled or if they feel their vehicle was not properly protected during transport.

Transport companies should have trained staff to properly secure and protect vehicles during transport and have a robust inspection process before and after the transport to minimise damages.

To mitigate these problems, you want to make sure the shipping company has proper insurance and liability coverage to cover damages during transport and that they have a clear and transparent claims process for you to follow if damages occur.

General Lack of Transparency & Communication

Lack of transparency is another of the problems with car transport experienced by consumers. You may find it difficult to get accurate and up-to-date information about the status of a shipment, or to understand the terms and conditions of the shipping service. This can make it difficult for consumers to plan for the arrival of their vehicle or to address any issues that may arise during the shipment.

Poor or Inadequate Customer Service

Inadequate customer service is another major concern for consumers when using car shipping services. Consumers may have trouble getting in touch with the shipping company or may find that the company is unresponsive to their concerns. This can be particularly frustrating for consumers who are dealing with a delay or other problem with their shipment.

Protecting Yourself from the Most Common Car Transport Problems

There are ways to mitigate many of the most common problems with car transport and that is to shop around for the best deal. Compare prices and services from different car shipping companies and look for discounts or promotions that may be available.

For delays, plan ahead and allow extra time for the shipment to arrive. Also, consider shipping during off-peak times to avoid delays caused by high demand.

Protect yourself against damage that may occur by taking photos of the vehicle before it is shipped. If possible, ensure that the car is properly secured and protected during transit. Ask the shipping company for detailed information about the shipment and read the terms and conditions carefully.

And, of course, prior to booking, research the shipping company’s customer service record, read online reviews, and ask for references.

While car shipping services can be convenient and efficient, consumers can face a number of challenges when using them.

By being aware of potential problems that can occur with car transport, and taking steps to mitigate them, you’ll have a better experience shipping your car.

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