How to Get a Great Car Transport Quote Online

Getting a great price for car transport online could not be easier and more straightforward when you have the necessary information at your fingertips.

Whether you need to move cars interstate or locally, you want to be sure that the quote you’re receiving from any car transporter suits your needs as car carriers offer many options and features designed to make it simple for you.

Open Carriers or Closed Carriers?

Most carriers use open trailers, similar to the ones you see taking cars to dealerships. Cars are driven onto the trucks and then the trucks are driven to their destination.

Open trailers carry between 7 and 12 cars at a time. They are fastened with straps and bolts to keep the cars safe while on road. The cost of transporting using open trailers is much less and is the common way to ship your car by the majority of people using services to have their vehicle transported.

if you have to relocate a brand new car that is just out of the showroom, you would definitely not want to expose it to the dust and heat of the road. In such a case, you should consider enclosed carriers which, while they’re a lot more expensive, offer you peace of mind.

For a fully enclosed car transport services, between depots, this is usually provided at an extra cost so it’s important that you are aware of how your car is being handled at all times.

For longer, interstate East-West routes (for example, in the case of car transport from Sydney to Perth or if moving a vehicle from Melbourne to Perth), part of the journey may be in an enclosed container on a train.

Who’s Involved in the Process?

The Internet is a wonderful resource for every kind of research in any conceivable industry and vehicle transport is no exception.

People all over world use the Web to get quotes for all sorts of things.

But with advantage of access to information also comes a few drawbacks.

Many online sites have been set up by scammers to attract people seeking information on auto transport.

These scammers either lure the prospective customers into providing their names or credit card details without offering any service or they use their website to obtain personal information to be sold to other companies.

How can you be sure that the company you’re dealing with are actually reputable – let alone real.

Many car transport brokers have set themselves up in order to attract people to their websites. They spend thousands of dollars a week on advertising to get onto the top of Google. They appear legitimate but many of are set up as “middlemen” only to pass off your car transport to someone else.

And you know what?


Car Transport Services is an independent provider of advice about transporting cars in Australia.

We provide quote processing services to car transport companies but do not take bookings nor represent them.

When you request a quote through this website, your details are sent to trusted carriers that conduct themselves in a reputable and professional way.

Sometimes you’re paying more than you need to because they add their margin to the quote.

Car transport companies are helpless to stop this because, if they tried, it would be called “anti-competitive”.

Worst still, you may be handing over your hard-earned cash only to realise too late that they weren’t real to start with.

We believe you have every right to be cautious searching for quotes online.

Always check that the company you’re dealing with is real. You can do this by searching the ASIC register.

Do not make any kind of advance payments unless you are one hundred percent sure of the website’s authenticity (not to mention the authenticity of the company behind it).

Get into touch with the companies either by telephone or in person to confirm their genuineness.

Before giving away your personal information, always check the website’s Privacy Statement.

It’s also the reason many car owners and car enthusiasts trust us too.

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