Interstate Quarantine Checklist for Car Transport

Car transport companies will generally do their utmost to advise and protect your vehicle but sometimes factors outside of their hands may make this difficult.

Quarantine inspections are one such factor.

If you’re transporting your vehicle to and from Western Australia, it will be required to undergo a quarantine inspection.

Quarantine Regulations when Travelling within Western Australia

Movement of plant products into and/or out of the following zones is regulated:

Carnarvon and Kununurra areas

Only certified bananas can enter the Carnarvon area. Banana plants, leaves and soil must not be removed from the Carnarvon and Kununurra areas.

Kimberley region

Broccoli, lettuce and spinach are prohibited in the Shires of Broome and Wyndham East Kimberley from parts of Western Australia outside the Kimberley region, unless certified by Quarantine WA.

Ord River Irrigation Area

Uncertified citrus and stone fruit are prohibited entry into the Ord River Irrigation Area (Kununurra) from 1 April to 30 November.

Uncertified cut flowers, foliage and leafy vegetables are not allowed out of the Ord River Irrigation Area (Kununurra).

Broome area

Uncertified palm plants and foliage are not allowed out of the Broome area.

Gin Gin and South-west

Potatoes imported into WA from another state/territory (except Tasmania) are not allowed entry into the potato-growing areas of the state.

Australian Interstate Quarantine

The costs can be high so it’s well worth taking the necessary steps to make sure your vehicle is completely empty. That means making sure all personal and loose items have been removed from your vehicle, check compartments such as glove box, console, CD stacker, boot etc.

You will also want to clean your vehicle of quarantine risk material to make sure it clears the quarantine inspection process.

Find out more about interstate quarantine for travellers

Quarantine Risk Material (QRM)

Quarantine Risk Material includes the substances such as plants, flowers, seeds, hay, soil, honey, insects, nuts, food scraps, fruit or vegetable packaging etc and can usually be find in and around:

  • Seat Covers
  • Carpets/Mats
  • Boot and Spare Tyre
  • Engine (engine oil and grease are not a quarantine risk)
  • Grill
  • Radiator Core
  • Recess under wiper wells
  • Wheel Arches, Mud Flaps and Tyre Rims (particularly rear side)
  • Axels and Diffs
  • Spare tyres on 4WDs (suspended underneath) are high risk areas.
  • Water tanks
  • Steps and Running boards
  • Chassis rails and channels
  • Toolboxes and mounts

If your vehicle fails a quarantine inspection you will be required to pay to have your vehicle cleaned to a satisfactory standard for entry into the state and $100 for re-inspection by a Quarantine Western Australia (QWA) officer before your vehicle can be release to you.

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