The True Cost of Cheap Car Transport

A cheap car transport quote may look good on paper but don’t necessarily go with a company purely based on their quotes because you may end up being surprised.

Going cheap is being smart, right?

After all, you get the same quality for less.

If you were purchasing a household item, this could be true but in the auto transport industry, it doesn’t necessarily follow.

Paying less does not always give you the same quality of service you expect and, as the saying goes, “going cheap could become more expensive”. Especially in terms of money and time.

That’s not so say you should go with a ridiculously expensive car shipping company, but we do suggest to invest some time researching the companies you are getting quotes from.

Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Car Transport Quotes

Many companies make promises they can’t deliver. They will give you a cheap quote just to earn your business and when it’s time to ship your vehicle, they can’t deliver on the transport service.

By this time you’ve probably already made your booking, signed their paperwork and the next thing you know “yes you can cancel your order but your cancellation fee is…“Ouch!”

Give as much information upfront about your move prior to booking your transport. This way the transport company will have all the necessary information to properly quote and does not try to bait and switch.

Some important information you should discuss includes:

  • Vehicle Type – Car, truck, travel trailer, boat, caravan etc.
  • Moving Date – Deadlines for pickup and/or delivery.
  • Transport Type – Open or enclosed.
  • Vehicle Condition – Does your vehicle run? Is it drivable? Additional fees may apply.

In reality, cheap car transport does not always mean safe car transport.

Most Affordable Vehicle Transport Services

Open transport is the most affordable and most used method by customers. It is almost always the cheapest way to ship a car. You get the same quality of service and it also includes bumper to bumper insurance or warranty for your vehicle while in transit.

While there is not one single company that can claim to be the most affordable in the industry, there are ways to help bring the price down.

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts as some transport companies offer discounts for:

  • Early Bird – Book your transport in advance.
  • Multiple Vehicles – You are helping fill up the truck, a discount would be nice.
  • Senior Citizen – You have paid your dues, now it is time for a break.
  • Return Customer – You are a returning customer, you deserve a discount.
  • Student – You’re investing in yourself already and money is tight.
  • Defence Personnel – “Thank you” for your service.

As mentioned before, be careful going with a company based exclusively on their quotes.

Instead, do due diligence and research companies. How long have they been in business? What do customers say about them? Will they be available to answer your questions.

Remember that shipping a car is not cheap, but you do get what you pay for.

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