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The 3 Types of Car Transport Companies

If you’re thinking of transporting your car, you not only have to worry about choosing the right company to do the actual loading and transporting of your car, you also have to think about which companies you want to trust with helping you arrange the details of the shipping.

We live in a complicated world and no truer is this when dealing with car transport companies.

There are three major types of vehicle transport companies that you might end up dealing with when shipping your car: carriers, brokers and aggregators. Each of these will offer you a slightly different service to the others.


Carriers are the companies that do the actual shipping for you. They’re the ones that will be responsible for loading, transporting, and delivering your truck to your chosen destination.

You might think that since this option (dealing directly with the carrier) would be the best and cheapest and have the most accurate information regarding your shipping.

This is not necessarily the case.

If you go directly to a carrier, you will have to take on all the responsibility for shipping all the way from contacting the most suitable carrier, to making sure they have the right insurance, and noting any damages or mistakes in the delivery on the vehicle condition report.

You’ll also have to make sure you have enough time in your schedule to take on all this responsibility, and that it will not cost you in lost productivity.

Unless you’re someone affiliated with the transport and logistics industry, or you happen to have researched and studied a lot about car transport, chances are you will miss some details in the shipping that might cause you a great deal of annoyance in the future.


Brokers, on the other hand, connect you to other companies by acting as a liaison between you and your carrier.

They sometimes deal with handling all the details involving the vehicle transport.

They will be responsible for not only making sure the carrier you use is reputable and has up-to-date insurance requirements, but they will also handle claims for you should any mishap happen during the shipping.

Reputable brokers are usually experts in the transport industry and they’re often more likely to know which carriers are trustworthy, safe, and affordable. They will often be able to find and connect you to a carrier much faster and easier than you would do on your own.

If you want the shipping of your car to be as stress-free as possible for you, then you’ll probably want to use a broker.


Aggregators are companies that exist almost completely online. Car Transport Services is an example of an aggregator.

What they do is ask you for information about your car and your shipping requirements, and use that information to connect you to brokers or carriers.

More importantly, they flip the entire business model on its head so that, instead of you doing all the work attempting to find the right carrier, the carriers are doing all the work attempting to win your business.

Aggregators potentially put you in the winning seat. If you like one of the car transport companies put forward, you can negotiate with them further.

There’s been some negative practices by aggregators in the US whereby customers were being bombarded by emails and phone calls from pushy salespeople. Fortunately, here in Australia, we have Privacy Legislation and companies need to adhere to strict privacy principles to protect consumers.

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We regularly seek feedback from our customers to make sure the carriers are upholding their part and acting in good conduct.

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