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Proven system that gets your car transport business back on the road

The most cost-effective way to get new customers for your vehicle transport business

It’s been said that the problem with many businesses today is not that there aren’t enough prospective customers but that there are too many!

The challenge for many vehicle transport providers is that they’re paying too much in customer acquisition to sustain a profitable business.

CTS is a referral system that can help you substantially reduce this cost without you having to change a single thing in your business.

CTS comprises a suite of digital online assets and includes this Car Transport Services website.

Through the website, the general public can request vehicle transport quotes online and we’ll send those requests directly to you at a substantially lower cost that you’ll be paying through other channels.

Currently, we’re able to offer:

  • More than 2,000 verified quote requests per month
  • Ultra competitive customer acquisition costs
  • Your first quote requests within 30 minutes
  • A website listing that doubles up as promotion of your company

When you sign up, there will be a short verification process to make sure we’re able to send you quote requests. This process will take 5 minutes and once verified, we’ll start sending real, live quote requests.

You can respond to those you like and ignore those you don’t.

So, sign up today and and start enjoying 14 days of free quote requests.

Receive your first verified quote requests within 30 minutes.

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Stop Paying too Much Per Booking!

How Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is calculated for vehicle transport companies

If you’re a vehicle transport company and have tried online advertising, social media, SEO and other forms of digital marketing to acquire new customers, you’ll know too well just how expensive it can get because, on average, transport companies are paying as much as $150 for each booking.

CTS can help you substantially reduce your cost per booking by as much as 50% without having to change a single thing in your business.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs by as much as 50%

Enjoy 14 days of free quote requests.

A Referral System built on a most-impressive technical foundation that’s light years ahead of what your competitors are currently doing!

Modern, State of the Art Intelligence Online

Modern, state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) takes into account two kinds of intelligence; machine intelligence and human intelligence.

Both kinds of intelligence are used to help make CTS one of the highest performing assets on the web today.

Snippetron is used to “inject” machine-level intelligence into the website – giving it insane ranking capabilities in the search engines for buyer-intent keywords.

Additionally, event-driven marketing automation from Keap, helps to automate follow up communication with personalised and targeted messaging.

Not your average search result. Snippetron helps CTS achieve results like this on Google.

The CTS System on a Page: Advanced marketing automation designed to achieve the best results for everyone

A Referral System to Keep Your Trucks Moving

Create a Sustainable, Profitable Vehicle Transport Business

More Quotes = More Business

When you receive quote requests, you have the opportunity to establish relationships directly with the shipper and demonstrate customer service excellence. It’s no secret that companies that demonstrate customer service excellence grow the fastest.

Verified Requests = Higher ROI

We verify each and every quote request to make sure tyre-kickers and competitors are kept at bay. Since you’re only paying for real quote requests from real shippers who’ll be looking to book within the next 45 days, your return on investment will be higher and faster.

No Commissions!

You Keep the Entire Booking Amount

Grow Your Carrier Business

Sign up and enjoy 14 days of quote requests at no charge.

Provide quotes and handle bookings directly without having to go through a 3rd party.

Get more customers and tell us how we can make the service even better.