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Finished Vehicle Logistics & Specialist OEM Transport

World class vehicle logistics throughout Australia for the world’s leading manufacturers

Car Transport & Vehicle Relocation by PrixCar

OEM Vehicle Transportation

We offer direct transportation of vehicles arriving from the wharf, delivered straight to specific destinations.

Our fleet of transporters are capable of moving anything from 1 to 12 vehicles at any one time and are purpose built for modern day traffic.

Features include the latest in tie-down and enclosed equipment to ensure the safe and secure carriage of all our customer’s vehicles.

Drivers are fully trained in all aspects of Finished Vehicle Distribution, operation of equipment and the understanding for complete confidentiality with regard to your business, as the customer.

We also offer 24hr contact with all of our drivers, whilst the vehicles themselves can be tracked online.

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Complete Range of OEM Transportation Services

PrixCar Vehicle Transportation
Our complete range of OEM transportation services include:

  • Collection from Ports and storage sites
  • Vehicle transfer between dealers
  • Vehicle transfer to auction sites
  • Vehicle transfer for fleet leasing and hire companies
  • Vehicle Storage and preservation services
  • Valeting and pre-delivery inspection
  • Full handover
  • Film, television, photographic and special event vehicle transport

Our drivers are approved to collect and deliver for all major manufacturers vehicles.

Finished Vehicle Logistics & Supply Chain Management

PrixCar Services have been providing finished vehicle logistics services to automotive manufacturers in Australia for over 30 years.

Today we are still renowned for providing a broad range of finished vehicle services direct to automotive manufacturers and fleet operators.

The services we offer cover all areas of the supply chain, they are designed to support the full life-cycle management of any vehicle, including transportation.

For finished vehicle requirements, PrixCar aims to provide a cost effective and quality focused solution. Ask us about how we can help you develop a bespoke solution.

Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI)

Pre-delivery inspections at PrixCar Services

PrixCar Services have been carrying out Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI) on vehicles entering Australia for more than 30 years.

Today, we carry out PDI checks on new and used vehicles, either at the point of importation or later in the life-cycle for fleet vehicles.

The pre-delivery inspection process is unique to each customer and focused on improved operational efficiencies.

We are able to support dealers with individual customer requests and provide a range of added value services, see accessory fitment below.

Over 150,000 PDI checks in 2018

The PDI process involves:

  • Accepting the vehicle from point of importation
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Rapid rectification of damage, where applicable
  • Preparing the vehicle to specific Australian dealer or manufacturer standard
  • Interior and Exterior Valet, to required standard
  • Movement and management of vehicle to and from storage compound, prior to final delivery

OEM Approved Accessory Fitment, Personalisation & Repairs

Accessory fitment and vehicle personalisation

When your vehicles are under our care, we are able to assist in adding value by fitting various accessories including: alarms, locking wheel nuts, badges and special edition elements, as well as accommodating specific customer requests.

For pre-registration and fleet vehicles, our options for accessory fitments and personalisation are extensive.

For new cars that are damaged during transit, PrixCar can complete full repairs at competitive rates in manufacturer approved facilities.

We are able to carry out a wide range of repairs, from polishing out a surface scratch to full panel replacement and repaint. We are able to include Hybrid and fully electric vehicles within our capabilities, with specialisms also including full repairs to aluminium and carbon-fibre panels.

Repairs are made subject to required approval from customers or claims agents, within agreed turnaround times and based on prior estimated costs.

Remarketing Support

For used vehicles, we offer various remarketing solutions and process vehicles to customer-specific standards.

Our skills are not limited to a particular set of services, so if you are looking for support with something not listed above, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Vehicle Storage & Processing Centres

Vehicle storage

With a wide array of marshalling and storage services, we can arrange for the distribution of vehicles in a controlled and efficient manner.

You can relax and leave the vehicle logistics with PrixCar knowing that it is with an auto transport company that also offers a vast network of storage facilities throughout Australia.

Our facilities — both indoor and outdoor — are secure, paved, and well lit. Both temporary contracts, to flex inventory up or down, as well as long-term storage solutions are available.

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Dealers & Auction Houses

Auctioneers, dealers, and buyer groups turn to PrixCar’s extensive distribution network and facilities to make vehicle shipping around the country a breeze.

We also offer our PTXchange solution, allowing dealers to deliver vehicles sold online directly the customer, saving time and money for both the buyer and the seller.

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PrixCar auction and dealer services

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