How To Save Time and Money On Car Transport

Here’s how we save you time and money and make the process of transporting cars across Australia easier and more affordable.

Getting the car of your dreams is always an exciting time, but getting it home to your garage can leave you feeling anxious, especially if it has to come from a long distance away.

If the car is unregistered and/or cannot be driven, or is located interstate, the challenges ramp up, along with the cost.

You know, there is a solution right here that gives you access to Australia’s best vehicle transporters at the best price. 

At Car Transport Services, we provides a quoting platform that makes the experience of obtaining quotes from vehicle transport companies a positive one. We do this by providing choice, convenience and cost savings.

More Choice = Better Price

The Car Transport Services platform operates differently to many quote comparison websites because we do not add a margin on the great prices already provided by service providers.

Nor do we charge a booking fee!

In fact, with dozens of car transportation specialists on the platform, all competing for your business, you’re assured of choice and of the best prices, too.

Importantly, we check all transport companies on the platform regularly and quickly eliminate shonky operators.

Depending on the type of vehicle, distance travelled, the carrier you choose and a few other factors, the cost to transport a car within Australia does varies. In any case, we make sure you’ll always get their best price, as multiple providers are simultaneously pitching for your business.

Buying, Selling . . . or just Relocating?

While Car Transport Services is cool for individual buyers and sellers who need interstate car transport, the platform can also be used when you need to transport a vehicle as part of a family relocation, new job interstate or business expansion, to name just a few of the other applications.

Regardless of the reason you need vehicle transportation, the main benefit here is that, regardless of whether you’re booking a pickup or delivery, you’ll know the final cost because you’re in charge of the selection process.

A Simple Process of Obtaining Quotes

Requesting a quote for car transportation can be broken down into the following basic steps, with the platform making the process as easy as possible.

Here’s how it works.

Enter your transport request

  • Enter your contact details including name, email and phone number;
  • Enter the car details starting with the vehicle make, model and year;
  • Next, enter the pickup and delivery locations;
  • Ensure your vehicle is running and drivable.
  • Once your request is submitted and your details are confirmed, we’ll automatically reach out to carriers that best suit your requirements.

Compare quotes

After the request has been submitted to our carriers, you’ll receive quotes from transport companies pitching for the job.

The number of quotes will vary and transporters may ask for additional information, which is why it’s important to provide accurate contact details when lodging your request.

The quote ultimately provided by the carrier/s may contain options such as depot-to-depot and door-to-door pricing, enclosed carrier support and any additional options such as personal items in vehicles.

Be sure to check each quote as there is no such thing as standard terms and conditions across the industry. Especially for insurance options.

You can then choose your carrier based on lowest price, quantity of reviews (indicating a lot of experience) or quality of reviews (indicating high customer satisfaction), depending on which is more important to you.

Confirm collection and delivery

Once you’ve selected your carrier, confirm date and time for vehicle pickup, along with delivery date and time (this can be open-ended, if mutually agreeable).

Confirm the sender’s and receiver’s contact information with the transporter along with any other details specific to the job, like access issues at either end that may impact pickup and delivery (steep driveways, narrow roads, etc.).  

Prepare your car

With the move booked, prepare the car for transport.

This may involve cleaning, adding fuel (around a ¼ tank is recommended) and fluids if the vehicle’s running, removing or adding accessories and so on.

If the vehicle has been stationary for a long period, simple things, like pumping up the tyres and freeing up wheels and brakes, lubricating door hinges and the like all make it easier for the moving company to load the vehicle.

Vehicle damage during transportation is unlikely, but if sending, take some photos beforehand, so you have evidence of its “as sent” condition. If you’re receiving a vehicle, you may already have some photos of it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for more.

With the car prepared, meet your transporter on the pickup day and finalise payment (if not done prior). Obviously, if you’re receiving a vehicle, you’ll meet the transporter at the end of the job.

Relax and Get on With Your Day

Once the car is on its way, you can relax, knowing it’s in the hands of a transporter you’ve selected and trusted.

You can find more information in our handy tips, including FAQs and information about various car transport companies available through the network.

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